IPO and JPS monthly telecon in September

The International Project Offices (IPOs) and Joint Planning Staff (JPS) of WCRP held a teleconference on Sep. 9, 2020. The telecon focused on the discussion of the involvement of the IPOs in the WCRP restructuring process, as well as how to strengthen the communication between WCRP JSC and IPOs. Representatives from the WCRP JPS and project offices of CLIVAR, CliC, GEWEX, SPARC, CORDEX, CORA, S2S and YESS attended the meeting.

The Joint Planning Staff and the WCRP offices held a Teleconference 22 April 2020

The JPS and the International Project Offices of WCRP held a teleconference on April 22nd, as part of their efforts for a continuous communication between all offices for a better coordination of activities and to share experiences about how their activities are being affected by the Global Coronavirus crisis.