Asian-Austrailian Monsoon Panel (AAMP)

About Us

This Panel was in CLIVAR until 2014.

Terms of Reference

The Panel will, in co-operation with CLIVAR Worging Group on Seasonal to Interannual Prediction and other CLIVAR Panels:

  1. Evolve a strategy to assess climate variability and predictability of the coupled ocean-atmosphere-land system in the Asian-Australia-Africa monsoon region;
  2. Design and implement a programme to investigate the mechanisms of ENSO-monsoon interactions;
  3. Determine a monitoring strategy for the Indian Ocean, Western Pacific and surrounding marginal seas and land regions necessary for investigating the structure and variability of the monsoon;
  4. Co-ordinate and promote interactions among meteorologists, oceanographers and hydrologists from interested nations;
  5. Develop an implementation plan for monsoon research in the region, that recognises the need for a well co-ordinated and optimised set of process studies; and
  6. Work in co-operation with other existing and planned regional and multinational programs directed at improving our understanding of the monsoon system, which include investigations on regional weather forecasting, seasonal climate prediction and impacts on human activities.

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AAMP Panel Members

Name Role Year Institute Country
Ken Sperber Co-Chair 2013 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory USA
Tianjun Zhou Co-Chair 2013 State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modeling for Atmospheric Sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics China
Harry Hendon Member 2013 BMRC Australia
Akio Kitoh Member 2103 Meteorological Research Institute, JMA Japan
Matthieu Lengaigne Member 2104 National Institute of Oceanography India
Andrew Turner Member 2013 University of Reading UK
Bin Wang Member 2013 IPRC, University of Hawaii USA
Hariharasubramanian Annamalai Member 2015 IPRC, University of Hawaii US
R. Krishnan Member 2015 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology India
Gill Martin Member 2015 UK Met Office UK
Jérôme Vialard Member 2015 LOCEAN France
YongKang Xue Member 2015 UCLA US

The ICPO contact for the CLIVAR Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel is Rokkam Rao.