Recommendations from CLIVAR basin panels - Southern Ocean

The CLIVAR basin panels have been asked to provide WGOMD with input on ocean metrics to evaluate model performance in terms of ocean processes occurring in the different ocean basins. Return to main REOS Metrics page.


Metrics for the Southern Ocean

Provided by the CLIVAR Southern Ocean Panel

The Panel suggests that the following quantities be used as data-based metrics for the evaluation procedure:

For all models (IPCC-class through to eddy-resolving models):

1) Drake Passage transport index, bottom pressure, etc., both mean and variability
2) Drake Passage, Hobart-AA, Greenwich meridian XBT repeat temperature time series
3) Distribution of MLD, especially in relation to deep winter ML's over mode water formation sites and stratified waters over CDW upwelling sites
4) Weddell and Ross Gyres: e.g. Greenwich meridian current meter based estimates of transport in the Weddell gyre
5) T-S and tracer sections, especially CFCs, along WOCE lines
6) Sea-ice advection, area (and possibly thickness?) from drifters and remote sensing
7) Snow thickness (from remote sensing) on sea-ice for freshwater fluxes
8) Antarctic Dipole ocean-sea-ice index

For eddy-resolving models:

9) Distribution of eddy kinetic energy over the ACC and adjacent oceans
10) Location, variability and intensity of Southern Ocean fronts
11) Velocity fields in comparison with ARGO direct current estimates (and/or against assimilated dynamic height for ocean reanalysis products)