REOS Tools for Ocean Model Evaluation

 OceanDIVA Validation Application

The Ocean Data Inter-comparison and Visualization Application (OceanDIVA) is a Java web application that has been developped and is hosted by the Reading e-Science Centre as a model-data comparison and validation tool for oceanography that can be used with standards-compliant datasets across the internet.

It produces data on the misfit between in-situ ocean observation profiles and gridded model output. The in-situ data and the model data must be in NetCDF format, and can be located either locally at Reading, or read in remotely via the OPeNDAP protocol. Output can take two forms - either KMZ (zipped KML) for viewing in Google Earth, or a series of png images of Probability Density Functions (PDFs) of model-observations misfits in selected ocean regions. KMZ output allows the user to view the geospatial distribution of the data and misfits, whereas the PDF output allows the user to get more statistical information about the distribution of misfits within a given region(s).

 NCAR POPregrid Toolbox

This program regrids POP dipole grid data to a regular lat-lon grid using SCRIP-computed remapping weights stored in a netcdf weights file. There is also the option to regrid vertically to a vertical grid read in from a datafile. This toolbox is currently specific for POP grids and variable names and requires modification for use with other models and grids.

Download the tar ball containing the regridding tool here.

Contact: Gokhan Danabasoglu (NCAR)

 GFDL FMS Toolbox

Co-location of model data and observations.