How International CLIVAR works

International CLIVAR is a network of scientists and activities around the world that contribute to meeting the CLIVAR objectives. A subset of these scientists are members, on a rotating basis, of committees that facilitate coordination and cooperation amongst national and multinational efforts. The CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (SSG) is appointed by the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee. The SSG provides overall guidance for CLIVAR activities, in concert with the goasl of the WCRP, and establishes CLIVAR Panels and Working Groups and their terms of reference to ensure that the key objectives of the programme are met.


CLIVAR Panels and Working Groups meet regularly to review scientific progress, address research priorities, coordinate activities, develop best practices, guidelines and recommendations for the community as a whole and promote scientific capacity development. The current list of CLIVAR panels and working groups can be found here.


An open call for nominations to the various CLIVAR committees is announced annually via the ebulletin, website and newsletter. Nominations are submitted via an online form.

When considering all nominations, CLIVAR panels take into account the scientific expertise that will support fulfilment of the panel's terms of reference, and then seek endorsement from the CLIVAR SSG for the proposed new slate of members.  Scientifically qualified nominations that support gender and geographical balance and promote opportunities for early career scientists and researchers from developing countries to participate in CLIVAR activities are encouraged. The initial term of service for members is three years, with possible extension of two years. 


The International CLIVAR Project Office (ICPO) provides secretariat support to the SSG and the various panels and groups and is responsible for the project’s outreach activities.  It also serves as the point of contact for the CLIVAR scientific community as a whole, and for other relevant activities.