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Decadal climate variability in the tropical Pacific: Characteristics, causes, predictability, and prospects

Power, S., Lengaigne, M., Capotondi, A., Khodri, M., Vialard, J., Jebri, B., Guilyardi, E., McGregor, S., Kug, J. S., Newman, M., McPhaden, M. J., Meehl, G., Smith, D., Cole, J., Emile-Geay, J., Vimont, D., Wittenberg, A. T., Collins, M., Kim, G. I., Cai, W. & 15 others, Okumura, Y., Chung, C., Cobb, K. M., Delage, F., Planton, Y. Y., Levine, A., Zhu, F., Sprintall, J., Di Lorenzo, E., Zhang, X., Luo, J. J., Lin, X., Balmaseda, M., Wang, G. & Henley, B. J., 1 Oct 2021, In: Science. 374, 6563, 10 p., eaay9165.

Evaluating climate models with the CLIVAR 2020 ENSO metrics package

Planton, Y., Guilyardi, E., Wittenberg, A., Lee, J., Gleckler, P., Bayr, T., McGregor, S. (ERA2018 Researcher), McPhaden, M., Power, S., Roehrig, R., Vialard, J. & Voldoire, A., 1 Feb 2021, In: Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 102, 2, p. E193–E217 25 p.

The AGU monograph: 

El Niño Southern Oscillation in a Changing Climate. McPhaden, M., Santoso, A. & Cai, W. (eds.). Hoboken NJ USA: John Wiley & Sons, p. 267-287 21 p. (Geophysical Monograph Series; vol. 253).

Panel related meetings and workshops

Report of the US CLIVAR Salinity Science WG (July 2007)

Report of the International Repeat Hydrography and carbon Workshop (November 2005)

Report of the CLIVAR/OOPC/Argo/GOOS/CPPS workshop on the South Pacific (October 2005)

Report of the South Pacific Workshop (October 2005)

Summary and Abstracts from the PICES-CLIVAR workshop (October 2004)

Proceedings of the Low Frequency ENSO Workshop (September 2003)

Report of the CLIVAR Workshop on Shallow Tropical and Subtropical Overturning Cells (October 2000)


Resources & Publications