WCRP Secretariat and IPOs Telecon Organized in November

The WCRP Secretariat and International Project Offices (IPOs) telecon was organized on 22nd November 2021, hosted by the CORDEX IPO, and with the participation of representatives from the WCRP Secretariat, CORA, and International Project Offices of CLIVAR, GEWEX, SPARC, and S2S.

Major updates of the meeting are:

  1. Main outcomes of the WCRP JSC-42b
  • The Science Organizing Committee of the WCRP Open Science Conference has been established; decision on venue and date will be made by February 2022.
  • Many groups and core projects have shown interest in the Global Precipitation Experiment (GPEX), a tiger team will be created on how to take GPEX forward.
  • A plan will be formulated on how to support the LHAs and ISC to be contacted for co-sponsoring WCRP Academy activities.
  • Budget and cycles: noted that the cycles need to be addressed by all the parts of WCRP and for carbon, water, and energy in an integrated way. JSC will look further at how to do this.
  • Climate Intervention task team currently working on a draft plan and final recommendations will be presented at JSC 43.
  • GEWEX and CliC SSG membership renewals and new nominations have all been approved.
  • The revised WCRP membership guidelines proposal will be shared with Core Projects and LHAs co-chairs for input before finalizing the version.
  1. Finance decisions: Full 2022 budget has been approved by JSC; more face-to-face meetings being planned for 2022 as groups haven’t met for almost 2 years; the draft budget plan for 2023 has been briefly discussed.
  2. CORA Regional Database: CORA will bring the issue to the RifS Interim Coordinating Group. No decision has been made yet and this is an issue that needs to be further discussed, especially in terms of the resources needed to keep the database up to date.
  3. IPOs shared site: The GEWEX IPO has set up a share folder so that all IPOs can keep their updates and thus the teleconferences can be more focused on discussion. Further improvement is still needed.

The next IPOs teleconference will be organized in January 2022 and be hosted by the GEWEX IPO.