Past Events

Event City Country Event Dates
CLIVAR-FIO Summer School on Biogeochemical Processes in Earth System Models Qingdao China
Mon, 2024-07-15 to Sat, 2024-07-20
CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel Meeting at GEWEX Open Science Conference Sapporo Japan
Sun, 2024-07-07 to Fri, 2024-07-12
Workshop on "Interaction among the tropical basins: observations and simulation" Seoul South Korea
Sat, 2024-06-22 to Sun, 2024-06-23
The 2024 CFMIP Meeting and CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel 4th Annual Workshop Boston USA
Mon, 2024-06-03 to Thu, 2024-06-06
International Workshop on Stratosphere-Troposphere Interactions and Prediction of Monsoon weather EXtremes (STIPMEX) Pune India
Sun, 2024-06-02 to Fri, 2024-06-07
PROS4SORP Seminar by Steve Rintoul, 29 May 2024 Online Online Wed, 2024-05-29
55th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics "Ocean Extremes" Liège Belgium
Mon, 2024-05-27 to Fri, 2024-05-31
2024 Ocean Decade Conference Satellite Events Barcelona Spain
Mon, 2024-04-08 to Fri, 2024-04-12
20th Session of the CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel Lombok Indonesia
Mon, 2024-03-04 to Fri, 2024-03-08
CAMAS Workshop and Early-Career School Santa Fe USA
Wed, 2024-02-14 to Fri, 2024-02-16
PROS4SORP Seminar by Alessandro Silvano, 23 January 2024 Online Online Tue, 2024-01-23
Joint WCRP/WWRP Monsoons Panel Webinar Series: Asian-Australian Monsoon Online Online Thu, 2023-11-30
28th Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (Part 2: Kigali & online) Kigali Rwanda
Sun, 2023-10-22 to Fri, 2023-10-27
PROS4SORP Seminar by Sharon Stammerjohn, 17 October 2023 Online Online Tue, 2023-10-17
The Role of Atmospheric Dynamics for Climate and Extremes Munich Germany
Mon, 2023-10-09 to Fri, 2023-10-13
Joint WCRP/WWRP Monsoons Panel Webinar Series: Global Monsoon Online Online Wed, 2023-09-13
Sixth session of CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel Trieste Italy Fri, 2023-08-11
Workshop on Atlantic Variability and Tropical Basin Interactions at Interannual to Multi-decadal Timescales: Mechanisms, Drivers and Impacts Trieste Italy
Wed, 2023-08-09 to Fri, 2023-08-11
4th Summer School on Theory, Mechanisms and Hierarchical Modeling of Climate Dynamics: Atlantic Variability and Tropical Basin Interactions at Interannual to Multi-Decadal Time Scales Trieste Italy
Mon, 2023-07-31 to Fri, 2023-08-11
ICTP/CLIVAR Summer School on Marine Heatwaves: Global Phenomena with Regional Impacts Trieste Italy
Mon, 2023-07-24 to Sat, 2023-07-29