Guidelines for the Submission to CLIVAR Exchanges

The CLIVAR Exchanges is an un-refereed means of rapidly disseminating scientific results and information about the CLIVAR programme and related science and organisational issues.

The articles that we accept often present preliminary results or summaries and are of limited length - contributions should not exceed three pages, INCLUDING figures. As a guide, three pages is roughly equivalent to 3000 words plus two figures. (Note: the newsletter uses two columns, app. 9cm-wide, 10pt font size, font: Palatino.)

Submission after the posted deadline may be accepted at the discretion of the editor.

The newsletter is produced electronically, so electronic submission is required. All contributions should be submitted to Please, contact the editor first before sending in a contribution by any other means.

Contributors are invited to discuss proposed articles with the newsletter editor before submission unless a general call has gone out for an issue. The editor reserves the right to edit or NOT to publish contributions.

The following guidelines need to followed:

  1. Provide text and figures separately, i.e. in separate files. Graphics embedded into word documents are not acceptable.
  2. Electronically mail the text of the contribution (incl. figure captions, full references according AMS* standard) to the editor
  3. Figures should be provided in Postscript or EPS format for graphics and TIFF, JPEG or GIF-format for photos. Bitmap formats, such as TIFF, JPEG or GIF are only acceptable if the resolution is higher than 200 dpi (for photos) or 300dpi for other graphics at the size to be printed. Please do not create postscript formats from bitmap (gif, jpg, tiff, etc) graphics.

Large figures should be placed on an ftp-server. Send an e-mail to the editor first to get/provide ftp details. If any contributor cannot provide input according to the above guidelines the editor will advise on other acceptable electronic submission formats.


Material published in CLIVAR Exchanges may be referenced and used provided that the author's permission is obtained and appropriate references and acknowledgement are given.

* Example for a correct reference:

Full list of authors, year, title, journal, volume, page numbers
Meehl, G.A., G.J. Boer, C. Covey, M. Latif, and R.J. Stouffer, 1997: Intercomparison makes for a better climate model. EOS, 78, 445-451.