CLIVAR Endorsed the Project: ‘Enhancing the Chilean Climate Ocean Observing System (ECCOOS)’

The project entitled “Enhancing the Chilean Climate Ocean Observing System (ECCOOS)”, which is led by CEAZA (Center of Advanced Studies in Arid Zones) with the collaboration of other world-class Chilean institutions, has recently been endorsed by the CLIVAR SSG.

Sophie Cravatte is a researcher at IRD (French National Research Institute for Sustained Development) currently based in LEGOS (New Caledonia). She is a physical oceanographer, expert in ocean equatorial dynamics and climate variability in the Tropical Pacific. She got her PhD in 2003, at University of Toulouse, in France, and joined IRD in 2004. She spent 5 years in New Caledonia from 2011 to 2016, 6 years in Toulouse (France), and is now back in New Caledonia.