3rd Telecon for ENSO Conceptual Model Working Group

The ENSO Conceptual Model Working Group had its 3rd telecon on Nov. 19, 2020, with the participation of 16 WG members. In order to accelerate the speed for literature review, the group adopted a new format of telecons, which is to be organised every month for two hours each, containing two scientific talks for the thematical literature review, which should be short, solicited, focused and synthesized, and followed by more intensive discussions. A proposed list of synthesis talks has been prepared. For each topic, one proposed lead author was identified based on their expertise, in working together with three self-nominated co-authors from the group. 

The first talk of this telecon was given by Matthieu Lengaigne on the multiplicative noise forcing and ENSO, with an emphasis on the state-dependent noises. The second talk was given by Malte Stuecker on the mechanisms that contribute to ENSO seasonal synchronization.

The next telecon will be organised in December or early January next year.