Past Events

Event City Country Event Dates
Tropical Atlantic Observing System Review Workshop Portland USA
Thu, 2018-02-08 to Fri, 2018-02-09
Joint 25th AMOS National Conference and 12th International Conference for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography, AMOS-ICSHMO 2018 Sydney Australia
Mon, 2018-02-05 to Fri, 2018-02-09
AGU 2017 session: Earth’s energy imbalance and energy flows through the climate system New Orleans USA
Mon, 2017-12-11 to Fri, 2017-12-15
IBS Conference on Climate Change and Human Migration Busan Korea
Mon, 2017-11-27 to Fri, 2017-12-01
23rd Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group Pune India
Mon, 2017-11-27 to Thu, 2017-11-30
3rd Session of the Climate Dynamics Panel Bologna Italy
Mon, 2017-11-20 to Thu, 2017-11-23
5th International Conference on Reanalysis Rome Italy
Mon, 2017-11-13 to Fri, 2017-11-17
V Congress Of Physical Oceanography, Meteorology And Climate Of The Eastern South Pacific Chile
Mon, 2017-11-06 to Fri, 2017-11-10
PIRATA 22 - PIRATA Research Project 20 Years Conference: Contributing to the Understanding and Prediction of the Tropical Atlantic Climates Fortaleza Brazil
Sun, 2017-11-05 to Fri, 2017-11-10
12th Session of the CLIVAR Pacific Panel Busan Korea Sat, 2017-10-21
ENSO Complexity Workshop Busan Korea
Mon, 2017-10-16 to Fri, 2017-10-20
1st Session of CLIVAR Research Foci on "ENSO in a changing climate" Busan Korea Sun, 2017-10-15
4th Session of the CLIVAR Ocean Model Development Panel Exeter UK
Mon, 2017-10-09 to Thu, 2017-10-12
Pan-WCRP modelling meeting Exeter UK
Mon, 2017-10-09 to Fri, 2017-10-13
Ocean Carbon Hot Spots Workshop Moss Landing Monterey County, California, United States
Mon, 2017-09-25 to Tue, 2017-09-26
2017 CFMIP Meeting on Clouds, Precipitation, Circulation, and Climate Sensitivity Tokyo Japan
Mon, 2017-09-25 to Thu, 2017-09-28
ACSIS – OSNAP – RAPID Joint Science Meeting Wolfson College, Oxford UK
Tue, 2017-09-19 to Thu, 2017-09-21
GOTHAM International Summer School on "Global Teleconnections in the Earth's Climate System - Processes, Modelling and Advanced Analysis Methods" Potsdam Germany
Mon, 2017-09-18 to Fri, 2017-09-22
Past Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics (PAIS) Conference 2017 Trieste Italy
Sun, 2017-09-10 to Fri, 2017-09-15
38th Conference on Radar Meteorology Chicago, Illinois USA
Mon, 2017-08-28 to Fri, 2017-09-01