23rd Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group

Monday, November 27, 2017 to Thursday, November 30, 2017
Event City: 
Event Attendance: 
SSG members, Panel/RF co-chairs, ICPO staff and Observers
Event Contact: 
Jose Santos
Event Description: 


Preparatory Documents

Report of 22 SSG Meeting

SSG Meeting Agenda


 SSG Meeting Agenda with Presentations (New)

Activity Reports

CDP - Climate Dynamics Panel

OMDP - Ocean Model Development Panel

GSOP - Global Synthesis and Observations Panel

Monsoons - CLIVAR-GEWEX Monsoons Panel.

ARP - Atlantic Region Panel

PRP - Pacific Region Panel

IORP - Indian Ocean Region Panel

SORP - Southern Ocean Region Panel

NORP - Northern Ocean Region Panel

ENSO - ENSO in a changing climate

Concept Heat - Consistency between planetary energy balance and ocean heat storage (CONCEPT-HEAT)

Sea Level - Regional Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts Grand Challenge

DCVP - Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability

EBUS - Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems



No.   First Name Last Name Email Organization Status
1 SSG Annalisa Bracco abracco@gatech.edu Georgia Institute of Technology Co-Chair
2 SSG Detlef Stammer detlef.stammer@uni-hamburg.de CEN, Universität Hamburg Co-Chair
3 SSG Krishna  AchutaRao akrishna@cas.iitd.ernet.in Indian Institute of Technology member
4 SSG Boris  Dewitte b.dewitte.legos@gmail.com LEGOS member
5 SSG Pascale Braconnot  pascale.braconnot@lsce.ipsl.fr CEA-CNRS member
6 SSG Pedro  Monteiro pmonteir@csir.co.za CSIR member
7 SSG Stephen  Griffies stephen.griffies@noaa.gov NOAA member
8 SSG Wenju  Cai wenju.cai@csiro.au CSIRO member
9 ICPO Jose  Santos jose.santos@clivar.org CLIVAR ICPO ED
10 ICPO Nico Caltabiano nico.caltabiano@clivar.org CLIVAR ICPO DD
11 ICPO Jing Li jing.li@clivar.org CLIVAR Staff ICPO
12 ICPO Lei Han lei.han@clivar.org CLIVAR Staff ICPO
13 ICMPO MM Ali mm.ali@clivar.org CLIVAR ICMPO D
14 ICMPO Ashwini Kulkarni ashwini@tropmet.res.in CLIVAR Staff ICMPO
15 ICMPO Harish Borse harish.borse@clivar.org CLIVAR Staff ICMPO
16 ICMPO Somnath Mahapatra mahap@tropmet.res.in CLIVAR Senior Scientist, ICMPO
17 ARP Sabrina  Speich speich@lmd.ens.fr Brest & Laboratoire of Météorologie Dynamique Co-Chair
18 CDP Shoshiro  Minobe minobe@sci.hokudai.ac.jp Hokkaido University Co-Chair
19 IORP Weiqing Han whan@colorado.edu The University of Colorado member
20 Monsoons Andy Turner a.g.turner@reading.ac.uk U. Reading Co-Chair
21 OMDP Gokhan Danabasoglu gokhan@ucar.edu NCAR Co-Chair
22 PRP Matthieu  Lengaigne lengaign@locean-ipsl.upmc.fr LOCEAN Co-Chair
23 SORP Joellen Russell jrussell@email.arizona.edu University of Arizona member
24 Concept Heat Karina  Von Schuckmann kvonschuckmann@gmail.com Mercator Co-Chair
25   Mike Sparrow msparrow@wmo.int WCRP  
26   Guy Brasseur (Telecon) guy.brasseur@mpimet.mpg.de WCRP  
27 Observer Salvatore  Arico s.arico@unesco.org IOC  
28 Observer Lawrence Hislop lawrence@climate-cryosphere.org CLIC  
29 Observer Graeme Stephens (Telecon) graeme.stephens@jpl.nasa.gov GEWEX Co Chair
30 Observer  Gufran Beig beig@tropmet.res.in SPARC Member
31 Observer Sonya  Legg (Telecon) slegg@princeton.edu USCLIVAR SSG-Chair
32 Observer R. Krishnan krish@tropmet.res.in IITM Staff
33 Observer Ravi Nanjundiah ravisn@tropmet.res.in IITM Director
34 NORP John Fyfe (Telecon) john.fyfe@canada.ca    
35 GSOP Andrea Storto (Telecon) andrea.storto@cmcc.it    


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Local Information

Local Weather

In Pune, the month of November is characterized by gradually falling daily high temperatures, with daily highs decreasing by 1°C, from 32°C to 30°C over the course of the month, and rarely exceeding 33°C or dropping below 13°C

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Visa requirements

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Currency exchange rate

The current rate is approx. 65.19 Indian Rupee per 1 USD and 76.66 Indian Rupee per 1 EUR.



If you have further questions, please contact:

Jose Santos (jose.santos@clivar.org)