1st Session of CLIVAR Research Foci on "ENSO in a changing climate"

Sunday, October 15, 2017
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Lei Han
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Local Logistical information:

The meeting room is kindly provided by the BISTEP, thanks to the coordination of the IBS Center for Climate Physics of the Pusan National University, the host of the ENSO Complexity Workshop.
The venue is NOT located within the campus of Pusan National University, where the ENSO Complexity Workshop takes place. It is around 30 minutes by subway between the two places.
Address: 79, Centum jungang-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea (Centum Science Park building : CSP).
Room: Conference room at 17th floor.
Access: The BISTEP building is free to enter. The BISTEP staff will open the meeting room area beforehand on the meeting day for the participants.
Internet connection: Wireless internet is available free of charge in the meeting room.
Pictures of the meeting room:


No group booking will be made for either ENSO RF or PRP-12 to be occurred at the BISTEP meeting room. Participants to both meetings need to book accommodation on their own. There are several recommendations as below:
One near the meeting center 
(takes 10min by walk):
- Centum hotel : https://www.ecentumhotel.com:4439/html/main.asp
Tow hotels in Heaundae (takes 6min by subway and has to walk for 10min more):
- Silla stay Haeundae ( http://www.shillastay.com/haeundae/index.do)
- Citadines hotel ( https://www.citadineshaeundae.com/main/intro/main.html)


Coffee break:
No coffee breaks will be provided for both ENSO and PRP sessions. People can buy their own drinks in the building anyway. There is a cafe (DROPTOP, http://cafedroptop.com/n/kr/src/store.php?&c=030100&s=store%2Fstore&sltS...부산&page=2&m=View&vUID=14, but no English website) on the first floor of the building. Beverages and light snacks are available there. (Price range from 4,000 won to 7,000 won)


Other useful information:
Electricity: Korea uses 220v of electricity. 110v adapters are not available.