Joint 25th AMOS National Conference and 12th International Conference for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography, AMOS-ICSHMO 2018

Monday, February 5, 2018 to Friday, February 9, 2018
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The Joint 25th AMOS National Conference and 12th International Conference for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography, AMOS-ICSHMO 2018, will be held at UNSW Sydney, Australia from 5 to 9 February 2018. It will bring together experts in meteorology, oceanography and other climate sciences from around the world as well as government representatives, NGOs, businesses and the media to focus on problems specific to the Southern Hemisphere.Deadline for abstract submission: 31 August 2017.

Session List:

I. Theme 1: Oceanographic processes and observations

  1. Variability and change in the Indo-Pacific and Australian regional seas – A session in Honour of Gary Meyers
  2. Physical oceanography in the Southern Ocean and at the Antarctic margins
  3. Ocean extreme events and their impacts
  4. Collaborative Research under the Centre for Southern Hemisphere Ocean Research (CSHOR)
  5. South Atlantic Ocean: Circulation, Processes, Observations and Modelling
  6. Oceanic pathways from the Subtropical Southwest Pacific
  7. Sea-level science: from surface waves to global change
  8. Ocean variability on timescales from days to decades
  9. Advances in Ocean Modelling and Prediction
  10. Ocean general session

II. Theme 2: Atmospheric processes

  1. Observations – Atmospheric, Marine and Remote
  2. Atmospheric and Oceanic Chemistry in the Earth System: Insights from the Southern Hemisphere
  3. Clouds and convective processes
  4. Australia-Asian monsoon and their interactions in current and future climate
  5. Large-scale atmospheric and climate dynamics of the Southern Hemisphere
  6. Atmosphere general session

III. Theme 3: Climate

  1. Changes in atmospheric circulation and Southern Hemisphere regional climate
  2. Tropical Indo-Pacific variability: dynamics, teleconnections and impacts
  3. Maritime Continent earth system science for improved understanding and prediction of its local variability and global impact
  4. South American climate variability, change and predictability
  5. Climate of the tropical Pacific Islands
  6. Modelling, prediction and projections of climate variability and change
  7. Decadal Climate Prediction Session
  8. Regional climate projections and applications
  9. Climate extremes in a warmer world – detection and attribution and implications of global warming thresholds
  10. Climate extremes and impacts
  11. Science supporting the Paris Agreement: Southern Hemisphere perspectives
  12. Processes, impacts and likelihood of severe droughts in the Southern Hemisphere
  13. Palaeoclimate reconstruction and modelling
  14. Data homogenisation and other statistical challenges in climatology
  15. Climate general session
  16. Historical Climatology in the Southern Hemisphere

IV. Theme 4 : Weather

  1. A session in Honour of Professor Ian H. Simmonds
  2. High Impact Weather in Research and Operations
  3. Special Session on Renewable Energy – the effects of weather and climate on integrating renewables into our energy industry
  4. Repairing the Space-Time Continuum: post-processing atmospheric model outputs from hours to seasons
  5. East coast lows – drivers of variability and associated extremes
  6. Impact and risk assessment for weather extremes
  7. Weather general session

V. Theme 5: Land surface processes

  1. Urban climate
  2. Land–atmosphere exchange of carbon, water and energy
  3. Land surface processes general session

VI. Theme 6: Antarctic Science and cryosphere

  1. Antarctic Sea Ice: Variability, Trends, and Drivers
  2. Antarctica, Climate and Sea Level
  3. Challenges and progress in modelling the Antarctic climate system
  4. Cryosphere general session

VII. Theme 7: Climate services and Community engagement

  1. Weather and climate in the media
  2. Education and Outreach
  3. Climate services for decision makers

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