Joint WCRP/WWRP Monsoons Panel Webinar Series: Asian-Australian Monsoon

Thursday, November 30, 2023
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The Asian-Australian Monsoon (AAM) system, including three Asian sub-monsoons (namely East Asian monsoon, Indian monsoon, and western North Pacific monsoon) and one southern hemisphere (SH) monsoon (Indonesian-Australian monsoon), covers approximately one-third of the global tropics and subtropics, impacting almost 3 billion people. 

The second WCRP-WWRP joint webinar is focused on Asian-Australian Monsoon, co-chaired by Dr Gill Martin, Met Office Hadley Centre, UK and Dr Thea Turkington, Deputy Principal Research Scientist in Centre for Climate Research Singapore, Meteorological Service Singapore. 

Speakers and their presentations: 

Prof B. N. Goswami (Cotton University, India): “Impact of Climate Change on Indian Monsoon” 

Dr Tim Cowan (University of Southern Queensland, Australia): “Australian Monsoon: Development and Implementation of Operational Services” 

Dr. Gill Martin - Introduction to Asian and Australian Monsoon 

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