The Vision of AtlantOS

The first AtlantOS newsletter has been released recently to introduce the vision of AtlantOS to the wider community interested in the Atlantic Ocean and the societal benefit that is enabled by sustained ocean observation.

JpGU-AGU Joint meeting on Climate variations in the Atlantic

The Atlantic Ocean is subject to pronounced climate variations that occur on a wide range of time scales. Atlantic multi-decadal variability (AMV) associated with the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation has long been known to have global impacts. In particular, AMV has been linked to changes in the Indian, Asian and South American summer monsoons, and also to changes in the Pacific associated with the "global hiatus".

Call for expert nominations for the Author Team of the AtlantOOS Blueprint 2019

An internationally developed Blueprint of Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System will be presented at the OceanObs19 conference and benefit from the work of AtlantOS and similar projects. The author team is now calling for experts nomination. The deadline for self-nomination is 6 January 2017.

PREFACE-PIRATA-CLIVAR Tropical Atlantic Variability Conference

Tropical Atlantic climate recently experienced pronounced shifts of great socio-economic importance. The oceanic changes were largest in the eastern boundary upwelling systems. African countries bordering the Atlantic strongly depend upon their ocean - societal development, fisheries, and tourism. They were strongly affected by these climatic changes and will face important adaptation challenges associated with global warming. Furthermore, these upwelling regions are also of great climatic importance, playing a key role in regulating global climate.