Southwestern Indian Ocean heat content is a better predictor of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall compared to the existing indices

Figure: Coefficient of variability (relative magnitude of the standard deviation to the average value) of SST and OMT during 1993–2017 (Courtesy: SCIENTIFIC REPORTS | (2018) 8:12092 | DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-30552-0).

3rd GEWEX-CLIVAR Monsoon Panel Meeting was Held on 6th and 8th May 2018 in Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Dr. M. M Ali, Executive Director, ICMPO and Monsoons Panel successfully organised and attended the 3rd GEWEX-CLIVAR Monsoon Panel Meeting May 2018 on 6th and 8th May 2018, alongside the GEWEX Science Conference in Canmore, Alberta, Canada during 6-11 May 2018.