Advanced School and Workshop on American Monsoons: progress and future plans

This event brought together scientists and students for presenting and discussing the progress in research on the American monsoons and their role in the global monsoon system, and for planning future activities.  It was held at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics South American Institute for Fundamental Research (ICTP-SAIFR), São Paulo, Brazil, during 19-24 August 2019, with support from ICTP, CLIVAR, GEWEX, IUGG, WCRP, FAPESP, ICTP-SAIFR, IFT-UNESP, under the leadership of Alice Grimm, Iracema Cavalcanti and Manoel Gan. All the members of the American Monsoons Working Group of the CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel as well as the Co-chair of the CLIVAR SSG, Wenju Cai, participated and delivered lectures. There were 82 participants, including lecturers, scientists, graduate students, stakeholders, forecasters. To see more information about this event, please visit: