CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel Meeting at GEWEX Open Science Conference

In-Person meeting between the CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel and its Working Group on Asian-Australian Monsoon during GEWEX Open Science Conference, July 7 - 12, 2024 in Sapporo, Japan

The Monsoons Panel will convene sessions at the conference: 

  • Monsoon – Atmospheric-Land and Atmospheric-Ocean Interactions  | Topic: Modelling the Earth System

(Special Celebratory Session of 150 Years of the Indian Meteorology Department – Together with SPARC/ACAM)


Joint WCRP/WWRP Monsoons Panel Webinar Series: Asian-Australian Monsoon

The Asian-Australian Monsoon (AAM) system, including three Asian sub-monsoons (namely East Asian monsoon, Indian monsoon, and western North Pacific monsoon) and one southern hemisphere (SH) monsoon (Indonesian-Australian monsoon), covers approximately one-third of the global tropics and subtropics, impacting almost 3 billion people. 

Joint WCRP/WWRP Monsoons Panel Webinar Series: Global Monsoon

Monsoons play a crucial role in shaping weather patterns and impacting the livelihoods of billions of people.  Monsoon systems research is crucial not only for scientific improvements but also for socio-economic applications, that will benefit society. As part of our efforts to share this knowledge, WCRP and WWRP are jointly launching a series of webinars on global and regional monsoons, in line with the three working groups of the Monsoons Panel.

International Workshop on Stratosphere-Troposphere Interactions and Prediction of Monsoon weather EXtremes (STIPMEX)

International Workshop on Stratosphere-Troposphere Interactions and Prediction of Monsoon weather EXtremes (STIPMEX) will be held during 02-07 June 2024 at Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, India.

The workshop is supported by  MoES, IMD, IMPO, WCRP/SPARC, ACAM, SSiRC, WWRP/WGTMR and Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany. 

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Key dates:

Abstract close: 15 February 2024

Registration open: 1 March 2024