Agenda with Presentations of 23rd Session of SSG 2017

Sr. No. Date Topic Presenter
1 27/11/2017 Opening  
    Welcome and meeting objectives D. Stammer/A. Bracco
    WCRP (Telecon, Hong Kong) G. Brasseur
2   Panel Reports  
    CLIVAR/CliC Northern Ocean Region Panel (Telecon, Canada)  J. Fyfe 
    CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel  J. Russell
    Pacific Region Panel M. Lengaigne
    Atlantic Region Panel S. Speich
    CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel W. Han
    Monsoons Panel A. Turner
    Global Synthesis and Observations Panel (Telecon, Italy)  A. Storto
    Ocean Model Development Panel  G. Danabasoglu
    Climate Dynamics Panel  S. Minobe
3   Research Foci Reports  
    Consistency between planetary energy balance and ocean heat storage K. Von Schuckman 
    Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability  G. Danabasoglu
    ENSO in a changing climate W. Cai
    Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems A. Bracco
    Regional Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts Grand Challenge D. Stammer
    Discussion on budget/meetings D. Stammer/ A. Bracco
4   Public Lecture  
    Modelling the Indian monsoon and the INCOMPASS field campaign A. Turner
1 28/11/2017 CLIVAR Science Plan  
    Science Plan – Chapter 2 D. Stammer/ A. Bracco
    Science Plan writing up session  
    Science Plan - Implementation  
1 29/11/2017 ICPO/WCRP Report  
    ICPO Report J.Santos
    WCRP Report M. Sparrow
2   CLIVAR Activities  
    CLIVAR Summer Schools D. Stammer/A. Bracco 
    ENSO Conference J. Santos
3   Interaction with other projects  
    US CLIVAR (Telecon, USA)  S. Legg
    IOC  S. Arico
    SPARC  G. Beig
    CliC  L. Hislop
    GEWEX (Telecon, London)  G. Stephens 
4   Science Workshop  IITM/SSG 
    “Past monsoons: what do they tell about our future?”  P. Braconnot
    Elements of sea level in a changing climate" S. Griffies 
    'The future of climate and ocean science in the WCRP/CLIVAR framework of international collaboration”  A. Bracco
    "Enhanced Decadal Warming of the Southeast Indian Ocean during the Recent Global Surface Warming Slowdown W. Han
    Climate studies at IITM Ravi S Nanjundiah: Dir, IITM 
    IITM ESM for studying long term climate variability and change with special focus on Asian monsoon R Krishnan: Exec. Dir CCCR, IITM
    Biogeochemistry of the Indian Ocean and Climate Change Sunil Singh: Dir. NIO
    Monsoon prediction for sustained food-grain production Prof Sulochna Gadgil, IISc (Retired) 
    Rain and river water in the Bay of Bengal  Prof D. Sengupta, IISc
    Indian earth observation data for CLIVAR Prof. Vinay Dadhwal, IIST
1 30/11/2017 In camera – SSG and ICPO only  
    Review of 2017 Meeting proposals and budget ICPO staff/SSG
2   Membership issues SSG
     Life cycle of RF   
    Discussion on every panel  
3   Preparations for next JSC D. Stammer/A. Bracco
4   Any Other Business/Next SSG meeting D. Stammer/A. Bracco
    End of Meeting