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The Tropical Pacific Observing Needs Workshop will be organized by US CLIVAR on May 24-26, 2021.

A CLIVAR Community Teleconference was organised on 25th January 2021, with the participation of representatives from the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (SSG),...

The WCRP Regional Focal Point (RFP) Team for the sub-region of Eastern Asia organized its second telecon on January 19th, 2021.

The EGU General Assembly 2021 is going to be held virtually on 19-30 April. In preparation for the meeting. Abstract...

We are deeply saddened and very sorry to hear that Dr Françoise Guichard, member of the CLIVAR/GEWEX Monsoons Panel, unexpectedly passed away on 5 December, 2020, in Concarneau, in her...

The 3rd CLIVAR community Teleconference was organised on 19th November 2020.

We are pleased to announce that Dr Lijing Cheng, member of the CLIVAR Global Synthesis and Observations Panel, has been awarded the WCRP/GCOS International Data Prize 2020!

The CLIVAR Ocean Model Development panel organized a series of virtual meetings on 6th and 8th October, 2020. 

The first WCRP Meeting (online) of the Regional Focal Points (RFPs) for Asia and Oceania was held on 12 October 2020. Dr Fangli Qiao and Dr Roxy Mathew Koll are RFPs from CLIVAR.