Report of the Fourth WCRP Grand Challenge on Regional Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts

The 2019 meeting of the WCRP Grand Challenge on Regional Sea Level and Coastal Impacts was held over four days, with the first two days focused on the links between science and coastal climate services. The workshop, which was organized in association with IOC/GLOSS, WMO and CLIVAR focused on stimulating the uptake of coastal climate services, how they support present days and future coastal resilience, and making recommendations as to the best way forward.

Indian Ocean Workshop: What to do?

Scientists from China, USA and Italy recently gathered in the city Hangzhou, which is well known for her beautiful West Lake as the Paradise on Earth, to convene the "Lakeside" brainstorming with the vision to promote the Indian Ocean science, on Nov. 24-25, 2019, with the kind host by Prof. In-Sik Kang and his newly affiliated Indian Ocean Center at the Second Institute of Oceanography (SIO) of Ministry of Natural Resources. The Agenda of the 2-day workshop is presented in Annex 1; the list of participants is shown in Annex 2.