Program - 2014 Pan-CLIVAR Meeting

Programme (11 July 2014)

Monday and Tuesday - 14-15 July

CLIVAR panel meetings

Integrated ocean-focused panels meeting agendas
Monsoon-focused panels meeting agendas
Room allocation and floor maps (version 14 July)
Ocean Model Development Panel  
Global Synthesis and Observations Panel
Atlantic Region Panel
Pacific Region Panel
CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel
CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel
Scoping Team on the Climate Dynamics Panel
Proposal for the panel

Panels are asked to review their TORs, review their engagement in the new CLIVAR and WCRP structure and contributions to the CLIVAR Research Foci and WCRP Grand Challenges.

Break-out sessions programmes

Wednesday - 16th July

8h30 -10h30 GEWEX Conference: Processes and phenomena

10h30 - Coffee Break

11h00 - Pan-CLIVAR Opening Plenary Session (ROOM: Oceania)

Pan-CLIVAR Opening Plenary (Convener: Martin Visbeck)

Opening Talk: Introduction of the new CLIVAR, linkages to GEWEX other GEC projects, including charge to the meeting and overall goals  (Detlef Stammer, Lisa Goddard)
New CLIVAR Project Office arrangements  (David Carlson)

12h30 - Lunch

13h30 - Breakout sessions - CLIVAR Research Foci

ENSO in a changing climate (Conveners: Eric Guilyardi, Wenju Cai; Rapporteur: Nico Caltabiano) - (ROOM: Europe 1)
Dynamics of Regional Sea Level (Conveners: Detlef Stammer, Catia DominguesRapporteur: Han Lei) - (ROOM: Europe 2)

15h00 - Coffee Break

15h30 - Breakout sessions - CLIVAR Research Foci

Decadal Variability and Prediction (Conveners: Yochanan Kushnir, Gokhan Danabasglu, George BoerRapporteur: Anna Pirani) - (ROOM: Europe 1)
Attribution and Prediction of Extremes (Conveners: Lisa Alexander, Xuebin ZhangRapporteurs: Valery Detemmerman, Rokkan Rao) - (ROOM: Europe 2)

17h00 - break

17h30 - Plenary Reports and Discussion of Breakouts (ROOM: Oceania)

18h00 End of Day

19h00 - GEWEX Conference Banquet at Strandclub WIJ Beach Club for those who have registered and paid for this


Thursday - 17th July

8h30 - 10h30 GEWEX Conference: Water resources

10h30 - Coffee Break

11h00 Breakout sessions - CLIVAR Research Foci and Capabilities

Planetary Heat Balance and Ocean Heat Storage (Conveners: Karina von Schuckmann, Carol Anne ClaysonRapporteurs: Nico Caltabiano, Han Lei) - (ROOM: Europe 1)
Scoping for a CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel (Conveners: Matt Collins, Shoshiro MinobeRapporteur: Anna Pirani) - (ROOM: Europe 2)

12h30 - Lunch

13h30 - Breakout sessions - CLIVAR Research Foci

Variability and Predictability of Monsoon Systems (Conveners: Aandy Turner, Dave GochisRapporteurs: Carlos Ereño, Rokkan Rao) - (ROOM: Europe 1)
Biophysical Interactions and Dynamics of Upwelling Systems (Conveners: Ken Drinkwater, Enrique CurchitserRapporteur: Nico Caltabiano) - (ROOM: Europe 2)

15h00 - Coffee Break

15.30 - Breakout sessions - CLIVAR Research Capabilities

Sustained Ocean Observations (Conveners: Martin Visbeck, Katy HillRapporteurs: Nico Caltabiano, Han Lei) - (ROOM: Europe 1)
Ocean Model Improvements and Process Studies (Conveners: Gokhan Danabasoglu, Steve GriffiesRapporteur: Anna Pirani) - (ROOM: Europe 2)
Climate Information and Regional Engagement (Conveners: Clare Goodess, Bruce Hewitson, Francisco Doblas-Reyes, Lisa GoddardRapporteurs: Valery Detemmerman, Roberta Boscolo) - (ROOM: Africa)

17h00 - break

17h30 - Plenary Reports and Discussion of Breakouts (ROOM: Oceania)

18h00 End of Day

19h00 ICPO Celebration Dinner (D/WCRP, representatives of ICPO host institutions and sponsors, ICPO staff, SSG members)

Friday - 18th July

8h00-13h30 Joint pan-CLIVAR/pan-GEWEX Plenary (ROOM: Amazon)

8h00 - Overview on GEWEX (Graeme Stephens, Sonia Seneviratne)
8h10 - Overview on CLIVAR (Lisa Goddard, Detlef Stammer)

First Discussion block: Regional climate and extremes (10 mins for presentation and 10 mins discussion) - Chairs: Detlef Stammer, Sonia SeneviratneRapporteurs: Valery Detemmerman, Anna Pirani

8h20 - Regional climate projects, activities and challenges (Claire Goodess, Jan Polcher)

8h50 - Modeling and observing changes in Extremes (Xuebin Zhang, Lisa Alexander)

9h20 - Drought

9h50 - Heavy precipitation

10h20 - Final discussion

10h30 - Coffee Break

Second Discussion bock: Large-scale circulation, predictability, and air-sea fluxes (10 mins for presentation and 10 mins discussion) - Chairs: Lisa Goddard, Graeme StephensRapporteurs: Anna Pirani, Carlos Ereño, Rokkan Rao

11h00 Air-Sea Fluxes

11h30 Monsoons

12h00 Circulation and climate dynamics

12h30 Seasonal to decadal variability and predictability

13h15 - Final discussion

13h25 - Closing words (Graeme Stephens, Detlef Stammer)

Discussion leads to prepare a short report on the discussions, which will be discussed at the joint GEWEX-CLIVAR SSG meeting on Saturday morning

13h30 - Lunch

14h30 CLIVAR Plenary (ROOM: Oceania)

Regional and Climate Activities (10 mins for presentation and 10 mins discussion)

Africa Climate Research for Development (Arame Tall, Fred Semazzi. Richard AnyahRapporteur: Anna Pirani)
Development agenda for Latin America and Caribbean (Roberto MechosoRapporteur: Carlos Ereño)

15h30 - Coffee break

CLIVAR Science and Implementation Plan

16h00 US CLIVAR experience in assembling US Plan (Bob Weller, Lisa Goddard)

16.30 Towards the CLIVAR Science and Implementation Plan (all)

17.30 Meeting Closure

19h00 Joint CLIVAR/GEWEX SSG Exec dinner (TBC)

Saturday, July 19

Joint GEWEX and CLIVAR SSG meeting

8h30-10h00 Discussion of actions arising from joint sessions and JSC

Regional activities - follow on from ACC, LACC
Sea Level GC
Climate Dynamics (Panel)
S2S prediction/predictability
Surface Fluxes

10h00 Coffee break

CLIVAR SSG meeting (in parallel with GEWEX SSG)

10h30 - Reports from panels and research foci teams
12h00 - Discussion on future directions

13h00 - End of CLIVAR SSG meeting