Agenda - 12th Session of WGOMD

Draft Agenda

Thursday 10th April

Morning (08:30-12:30) 

1. Outcomes and recommendations of High Resolution workshop (A. M. Treguier. K. Bryan)

2. CORE-II papers status and updates

- G. Danabasoglu: Atlantic variability + Pacific
- S. Griffies: SSH and Indian Ocean
- R. Farneti (remote) and S. Marsland: Southern Ocean papers
- H. Drange: Arctic
- R. Farneti (remote) and A. M. Treguier: South Atlantic
- G. Nurser: Overturning in T & S space

Afternoon (13:30-18:00)

3. CORE-II protocol

a. Modifications introduced by some groups: discussion of reasons for these modifications.. (C. Böning, G. Nurser, and E. Chassignet)

b. CORE-II as a "MIP" in CMIP (G. Danabasoglu)

- implications,
- forcing data set updates and maintenance,
- output data sets,
- protocol,
- etc.

c. Ocean data sets in CMIP: native grid, but a few on "standard" regular lon-lat grid. Units for temperature field: C or K ? What precision is sufficient for model output diagnostics: single or double? (G. Danabasoglu)

4. Discussion of wind and water protocol for Southern Ocean MIP, based on input from the Southern Ocean panel (S. Griffies)

5. CVMix as a prototype for a common code shared across ocean models (S. Griffies)

Friday 11th April
Morning (08:30-12:30)

6. CLIVAR and WGOMD (A. Pirani and G. Danabasoglu)

- Interactions with other CLIVAR panels (GSOP, basin panels, WCRP modeling WGs), research foci (sea level, decadal, heat uptake, upwelling) and preparing for pan-CLIVAR
- WGOMD: working group vs. panel
- SSG Action items

7. New COREs and future directions (leading and addressing CLIVAR science)

Afternoon (13:30-17:00)

8. Planning for next meeting, workshop, summer school

9. WGOMD business (membership)