Workshop Format - Sea Level Rise, Ocean/Ice Shelf Interactions and Ice Sheets

The three-day workshop will consist of sessions formed around the above topics. In addition to the invited talks, we will invite contributed talks and consider the possibility of poster presentations. The invited speakers will be asked to review the current state of research related to a particular topic with candid and critical comments, rather than focusing on their own research. Presentations will be conducive to discussion, and will be concluded by mandatory discussion sessions.


By careful design we shall avoid a themed workshop dominated by seemingly random talks that risk displays of speaker show-and-tell with the possibility of repetitiveness. Session conveners will promote discussion of future directions and how the community can move forward together both within the context of, and combining overall themes of, the various presentations within their sessions (for example on the analysis and bias-correction of projections from CMIP5, assessment of historical sea-level change in CORE forced ocean simulations, strategies to assess models against observations, the development of state of the art modeling systems, etc.). Session convenors will also endeavour to foster a comfortable environment suitable for open comment and discussion throughout the meeting, which is particularly useful for encouraging the active participation of early career researchers.


Those charged with leading the sessions and discussions will promote the main issues and points raised in their sessions, and these will be brought together into concluding discussions that investigate whether the community could develop a common framework towards tackling the key uncertainties of future sea-level change.