Poster - Understanding the Role of the Ocean

Decadal SST Anomalies Confined To The North Pacific Subarctic Frontal Zone And Their Atmospheric Influences

B. Taguchi1, H. Nakamura2,3, M. Nonaka3, N. Komori1, A. Kuwano-Yoshida1, K. Takaya3 and A. Goto4

(1) Earth Simulator, JAMSTEC, (2) Uni. Tokyo, (3) Res. Inst. Global Change, JAMSTEC, (4) Japan Met. Agency

Low Frequency Climate Responses Of ENSO And Solar Modulation On The Western North Pacific Fish Recruitment

Y.-H. Tseng1, W.-N. Tzeng2,3, C.-H. Hsieh4, Y.-S. Han1, C.--W. Chang5, C.-C. Hsu6, S. Jan4 and E. Di Lorenzo7

(1) Dept. Atmos. Sciences, National Taiwan University (NTU), (2) Dept. Life Science & Inst. of Fisheries Science, NTU, (3) Dept. Env. Biol. & Fisheries Science, National Taiwan Ocean University, (4) Inst. Oceanogr. & Inst. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, NTU, (5) Marine Biology Museum and Aquarium, Taiwan, (6) Earth Dynamic Center, Cheng-Kung University, (7) Georgia Insititute of Technology

Relationship Between Typhoon Activity In The Northeastern Pacific And The Upper-Ocean Heat Content On Interdecadal Timescales

Q. Liu1 and W. Zhou2

(1) South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, (2) Guy Carpernter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre, City University of Hong Kong

On The Role Of The Solomon Sea In ENSO Decadal Modulation: A Preliminary Modeling Study

A. Melet1, J. Verron1, L. Gourdeau2, W. Kessler3, and A. Koch-Larrouy


An Analysis Of Climate Variability To Increase Of GHG Concentrations In CCSM3

Z.-Z. Hu1, A. Kumar1, B. Jha1 and B. Huang2

(1) Climate Prediction Center, NCEP/NWS/NOAA, (2) George Mason University and COLA

Patterns Of Indian Ocean Sea Level Change In A Warming Climate

W. Han, G. A. Meehl, B. Rajagopalan, J. Fasullo, A. Hu, J. Lin, W. Large, J. Wang, X. Quan, L. Trenary, A. Wallcraft, T. Shinoda and S. Yeager

University of Colorado and NCAR

Decadal Climate Variability In A Coupled GCM FGOALS_g2.0

Y. Zhang1,2 and Y. Yu1

(1) LASG, Insititute of Atmospheric Physics, (2) Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Interannual To Decadal Modulations Of High Frequency Oceanic And Atmospheric Disturbances In The Kuroshio-Oyashio Interfrontal Zone Represented In A High Resolution CGCM With Ocean Data Assimilation

H. Tatebe1, M. Ishii1,2, M. Kimoto3, T. Sakamoto1, Y. Komuro1 and T. Mochizuki1

(1) JAMSTEC, (2) MRI, (3) University of Tokyo

Effect Of Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation On Tropical Atlantic Variability: A Regional Coupled Model Study

C. Wen1, P. Chang2, R. Saravanan3

(1) Wyle IS/CPC/NCEP/NOAA, (2) Dept. Oceanogr., Texas A&M University, (3) Dept. Atmos. Sciences, Texas A&M University

CCCma Decadal Prediction For CMIP5

W. Merryfield, W.-S. Lee, G. Boer, S. Kharin, J. Scinocca, G. Flato and J. Fyfe

CCCma, Environment Canada

Community Climate System Model (CCSM4) Decadal Prediction Experiments Initialized From Best-Estimates Of The Historical Ocean State Between 1970 and 2000

S. Yeager, G. Danabasoglu, J. Tribbia, J. Anderson, T. Hoar, N. Collins, K. Raeder, H. Teng and J. Hurrell


The Response Of The Southern Ocean And Global Circulation To Decadal Strengthening Of Southern Hemisphere Winds: Mesoscale Eddies And Their Parameterization In Climate Models

R. Farneti1, T. Delworth2, T. Rosati2, S. Griffies2, and P. Gent3

(1) ICTP, (2) GFDL/NOAA, (3) NCAR

Atlantic MOC Variability In Decadal Climate Prediction Systems

H. Pohlmann1, M. Balmaseda2, N. Keenlyside3, D. Matei4, W. Muller4, P. Rogel5 and D. Smith1

(1) Met Office Hadley Centre, (2) ECMWF, (3) IFM-GEOMAR, (4) MPI-M, (5) CERFACS

Multi-Decadal North Atlantic Variability Simulated In NEMO

J. Mecking, N. Keenlyside and R. Greatbatch


Assessing The Decadal Variability and Predictability Of Climate In The GFDL Coupled Models

R. Msadek, T Delworth, K. Dixon and T. Rosati


Mechanisms And Impact Of Atlantic Multidecadal Variability

Y. Kushnir, M. Ting, N. Naik, C.-H. Li, I.-S. Kang*, R. Seager and M. Cane

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University, * On sabbatical from Seoul National University

The Role Of Ocean Dynamics In North Atlantic Tripole Variability 1951-2000

E. Schneider

George Mason University and COLA

Predictability Of Low-Frequency Regime Transitions In A Stochastically Forced Model
B. Nadiga1 and T. O'Kane2

(1) Los Alamos National Laboratory, (2) CSIRO

On Initialization Of Realistic High-Resolution Ocean Models

B. Nadiga and P. Jones

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Varied Representation Of The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Across Multi-Decadal Ocean Reanalyses

E. Munoz1, B. Kirtman2, and W. Weijer3

(1) New Mexico Consortium, (2) RSMAS-University of Miami, (3) Los Almos National Laboratory

Impact Of Different Ocean Reanalyses On Decadal Climate Prediction

J. Kröger, W. Müller and J.-S. von Storch


Adequacy Of Observing Systems In Monitoring AMOC And North Atlantic Climate

S. Zhang, A. Rosati and T. Delworth


Coupled Ocean And Atmosphere Analysis By Assimilating Ocean Observation Data To A Coupled Model

Y. Fujii1, T. Nakaegawa1, S. Matsumoto2, T. Yamanaka1 and M. Kamachi1

(1) Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), Meteorological Research Institute, (2) JMA

Weakly Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Data Assimilation: CAM-DART-POP

T. Hoar, S. Yeager, N. Collins, K. Raeder, J. Anderson, G. Danabasoglu, M. Vertenstein and J. Tribbia


Multi-Model Analysis Of Upper Ocean Heat Content Indices

Y. Xue1, M. Balmaseda2, N. Ferry3, S. Good4, I. Ishikawa5, T. Boyer6, M. Rienecker7, T. Rosati8, Y. Yin9 and A. Kumar1

(1) NOAA/NCEP, (2) ECMWF, (3) Mercator Ocean, (4) Met Office Hadley Centre, (5) Japan Meteorological Agency, (6) NOAA/NESDIS/NODC, (7) NASA/GSFC/GMAO, (8) NOAA/GFDL, (9) CAWCR/BoM

La Nina Events Before And After 1979 And Their Impact Over Southeastern South America, During Summer

G. Cazes-Boezio and S. Talento

Universidad de la Repiblica, Uruguay