Successful CONCEPT-HEAT workshop

The CLIVAR Research Focus on Planetary heat balance and ocean heat storage (CONCEPT-HEAT) brought together experts from ocean and atmospheric reanalysis, air-sea fluxes, ocean heat content, climate models, atmospheric radiation and sea level for their first meeting, which happened at the UK MetOffice, on 29 September - 01 October, 2015. The workshop was organised around four main themes: The Earth’s energy budget, Energy flow as estimated from reanalyses and climate models, Air-sea fluxes, and OHC and atmospheric radiation. The main recommendations were to improve accessibility and information on products in order to enable evaluation of the different components of the Earth's energy imbalance, and make an assessment of consistency between planetary heat balance and ocean heat storage as a multi-analysis approach.

Presentations are available online at the workshop webpage. A workshop report will be available soon. Organisers would like to thank all the participants and sponsors that provided support for the meeting.