Save the Date: CLIVAR Open Science Conference

CLIVAR Open Science Conference

“Charting the course for future climate and ocean research”

Qingdao, China

19-23 September 2016 - CLIVAR OSC
18, 24-25 September 2016: Early Career Scientists Symposium


The collective voice and expertise of the international climate community is essential to shaping the future of research on the coupled ocean-atmosphere system. CLIVAR will convene an Open Science Conference to discuss the state of the science, prioritize plans for the future, and initiate new collaborations.

Conference objectives:

  • Share progress toward improved understanding of the dynamics, the interaction, and the predictability of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system
  • Shape ideas to meet emerging ocean and climate science challenges
  • Engage with the future generation of climate scientists
  • Identify key climate research and stakeholder issues,
  • Develop and strengthen collaborations

Scientific Organizing Committee


 Detlef Stammer University of Hamburg, Germany 
 Lisa Goddard IRI, Columbia University, USA
 Lixin Wu Ocean University of China, China
 Fangli Qiao FIO, SOA, China
 Krishna AchutaRao   IIT Delhi, India
 Noel Baker   NASA, USA
 Jerome Benveniste   ESA
 Annalisa Bracco  Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
 Pascale Braconnot  IPSL, France
 Nathan Bindoff  University of Tasmania, Australia
 Wenju Cai  CSIRO, Australia
 Boris Dewitte  LEGOS, France
 Clara Deser  NCAR, USA
 Ken Drinkwater  IMR, Norway
 Stephen Griffies       GFDL/NOAA, USA 
 Sergey Gulev  IORAS, Russia
 Virginie Guemas  Institut Català de Ciències del Clima, Spain
 Ed Hawkins  University of Reading, UK
 Dunxin Hu  IOCAS, China
 InSik Kang Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
 Arun Kumar  NCEP/NOAA, USA
 Carlos Moffat  University of California Santa Cruz, USA
 Pedro Monteiro         CSIR, South Africa 
 Bill Merryfield  University of Victoria, Canada
 Dahe Qin  CAST, China
 James Renwick  Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
 Graeme Stephens  JPL, USA
 Seok Woo Son  Seoul National University, Rep. of Korea
 Bjorn Stevens  MPI Hamburg, Germany
 Toshio Suga  Tohoku University, Japan 
 Martin Visbeck         GEOMAR, Germany 
 Anna Wahlin  University of Gothenburg, Sweden
 Weidong Yu  FIO, SOA, China
 Tianjun Zhou   IAP CAS, China
 Jiang Zhu  IAP CAS, China