Professor Annalisa Bracco rotated off from the CLIVAR SSG in 2021

Following the 26th Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group on March 2021, Prof. Annalisa Bracco ended her term in the SSG after serving for over 8 years as member and co-chair. With her leadership, CLIVAR has successfully organized a series of fruitful events such as the Pan-CLIVAR Meeting 2014, CLIVAR Open Science Conference and Early Career Scientist Symposium 2016, ICTP-CLIVAR Summer School on Oceanic Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems 2019, etc. Prof Bracco has also played a leading role in finalizing the New CLIVAR Science Plan and Implementation Strategy published in 2018, guiding the development of CLIVAR in the coming decade.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Annalisa for the tremendous contributions she has made both to the governance and research of CLIVAR, and to the broader community.

Annalisa will continue to contribute her expertise on ocean and climate research as a member of the CLIVAR Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems Research Focus, and we certainly count on her advice as CLIVAR evolves within the new WCRP structure.