NORP Regular Teleconference Held in April

The CLIVAR/CliC Northern Oceans Region Panel organized its teleconference on 21 April, 2022, with the participation of NORP members and the new ex-officio members, Alexandra Jahn and Julienne Stroeve.

NORP members introduced their backgrounds so that the ex-officios had an overall view of NORP. After that, members presented the updates of NORP’s two main activities: the NORP/SORP joint workshop and the NORP CMIP6 bootcamp, and then discussed the follow-up tasks.

Due to the obvious reason, the NORP/SORP workshop has been postponed for several times. Now NORP and SORP decided to make it happen online. The preliminary plan is to have a 3 half-day online meeting, including overview talks, plenary discussion and breakout discussions. Some different online meeting platforms will be used to better facilitate the group discussion. During this meeting, members reviewed the pros and cons of the previous big online conferences to bring the experience to the joint workshop.

After a great deal of preparatory work for the CMIP6 bootcamp, the corona rules in Helgoland became stricter, which makes the realization of the bootcamp in Helgoland vague. The organizing committee discussed a lot of backup plans during this meeting to try to save the situation. They will have a group meeting to continue discussing this in mid-May.