IPOs and WCRP Secretariat Telecon

The regular International Project Offices (IPOs) and WCRP Secretariat Telecon was organised on 22nd September 2022, with the participation of IPO staff from CLIVAR, SPARC, S2S, IMPO, CMIP, CORDEX, and WCRP Secretariat, and the meeting was hosted by CMIP IPO. IPOs and WCRP Secretariat reported their highlighted activities during the period of June to September 2022. The key uptakes from the meeting that are related to CLIVAR are:

  • The delayed travel expenses reimbursement by WMO has strongly impacted the CLIVAR activities. Jose has reiterated this issue and mentioned that there is also a delay in knowing the actual expenditures of the activities that have already completed, which will affect the flexibility to adjust the use of remaining funds. According to Mike, the conversation with WMO Financial Unit leadership is in process, and the WCRP Secretariat staff will help report the outstanding issues directly to the Finance Unit.
  • ICPO is helping organize the 7th SPARC General Assembly in Qingdao Node. The strict COVID restriction in China may limit the in-person participation to this node. It is good opportunity for CLIVAR to interact with other core project and identify new opportunities for future cooperation.
  • The WCRP Open Science Conference will be organised in Kigali, Rwanda in October 2023. Three overarching themes for the OSC are: 1) Advances in Climate Research; 2) Human Interactions with Climate; and 3) Co-produced Climate Services and Solutions. A call for poster clusters and side events at OSC 2023 is open, and core projects are encouraged to organize community meetings, either open or internal, alongside the OSC. CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group (SSG) is planning to organize an in-person SSG meeting along the WCRP OSC 2023, after two complete online sessions during the pandemics. There are also other CLIVAR groups (e.g. TBI RF and CDP) planning to organize their business meetings along the OSC. Support from IPO staff to the OSC are also anticipated. There will be a soft launch of the conference website soon.
  • Feedback to WCRP Science and Implementation Plan have been received from core activities of WCRP, and a new version will be sent to JSC by the end of the month.
  • WCRP Secretariat is working on the WCRP rebranding, and the community consultation and inputs solicitation will be carried out in the later stage. Jose inquired if there would be guidance for core projects in coping with the WCRP rebranding, e.g. the uniformity of the websites design, with a general feedback as ‘Yes’.
  • WCRP will provide a community guideline on carbon footprint and circulate it for community inputs. A point of contact from each IPO is needed.
  • Updates from other core projects and activities:
    • IMPO's will start a flagship Newsletter "Monsoon Matters" early next year.
    • Call for CliC Fellowship will start later this year.
    • Open call for members of new CMIP7 task teams were launched. CMIP is running a World Café session in partnership with ESMO and CORDEX at GCOS.
  • The next IPOs and WCRP Secretariat telecon will be scheduled in early December 2022.