ICPO participated in the First Healthy Ocean Innovation and Development Conference


From December 16th to 17th, Jose Santos and Jing Li were invited to participate in the First Healthy Ocean Innovation and Development Conference, in Huangdao. Various topics were covered by the conference, including: ocean science for sustainable development; blue economy opportunity in South Africa; marine pollution and solution; marine biotechnology; marine ecosystem services; new material of crack arrested steel for ship and container; the digital future of ocean industries; the future development of the underwater resource exploration, among others.

During the meeting, Jose briefly introduced CLIVAR by highlighting three areas that are relevant to the meeting themes: 1) planetary heat balance and ocean heat storage, and the ocean impacts on climate; 2) ocean observations, in particular how to transfer the data to information and then to applicable services; 3) ocean modelling, in particular understanding the errors and limitation of models, to ensure a precise prediction of changes. Participants showed their interest in the discussion of ocean observation and data management: 1) inquiry on the cost-effectiveness on the investment of data was received from economist perspective; 2) participants noting the importance of data sharing, and in addition, also to share the sensors, equipment, method and scientists; 3) Paul Holthus, representative from World Ocean Council, also highlighted the possibility to obtain data from industry vessels and platforms.