Future Directions in Basin and Global High-resolution Ocean Modelling workshop took place online


The workshop on “Future Directions in Basin and Global High-resolution Ocean Modelling”, organised by GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel in cooperation with the Ocean Model Development Panel (OMDP), endorsed by CLIVAR, has just finished on October 1.

More than 150 experts from Europe, the United States of America, Canada, South Africa, Japan and China met together, discussed the current state of eddying ocean models. They also exchanged views on progress in and future applications of better understanding the role of the ocean in climate and climate variability.

As part of the workshop, participants celebrated the achievements of Prof. Dr. Claus Böning, who retired from his role as Professor of Oceanography at Kiel University and GEOMAR in 2020. Prof. Böning was honoured as a leading scientist, pioneer in numerical ocean modelling and co-founder of the OMDP – a well-respected teacher and inspiring mentor.

This was proved to be a successfully meeting with the usage of a variety of virtual meeting tools/platforms. “After one and a half year under the corona pandemic, we have learned to make the utmost out of virtual meetings and appreciated the opportunity to meet with experts from around the world”, said Prof. Dr. Arne Biastoch, Physical Oceanographer at GEOMAR. “Having a virtual foyer and additional rooms for individual conversations was a very useful addition – plus, the low-resolution design that also works with low bandwidths turned out to be a nice contrast to the high-resolution models discussed at the conference.”

Please see more detail on the GEOMAR webpage, and contact Prof. Dr. Arne Biastoch.