ESA invitation to tender

In order to contribute to the new CLIVAR research foci on Consistency between Planetary Heat Balance and Ocean Heat Storage, investigating the role of the ocean in energy uptake related to climate change, the European Space Agency (ESA) is planning an Ocean Heat Flux activity within the framework of the Support To Science Element (STSE).

This activity will better quantify the exchanges of heat at the ocean's surface by use of Earth Observation global data and products, such as Sea Surface Temperature, Sea level, Sea-State, and Wind Stress. Particular focus will be on trying to maximise the use of climate quality products such as the ones generated by the Climate Change Initiative. Earth Observation from space, can help scientists in better tracking the energy flows through the climate system to better understand the relationships between climate forcing, response, variability and future changes.

For more information on the invitation to tender please review the attached documents below.

Spanish Tenderers are advised that although Spain is participating in EOEP-4, its contribution is already earmarked for specific elements in EOEP-4 aiming at ensuring continuity with activities stemming from the previous period. Therefore, for this ITT, entities which have their registered office in Spain are not entitled to take part in a bidding.

Please note that bidders should be registered to EMITS in order to be bale to submit their bids.