Collected assessment of summer 2018- 2019 sea-ice forecast for the Southern Ocean was released by SIPN-SOUTH

The Sea Ice Prediction Network-SOUTH (SIPN-South) project has collected seasonal forecasts of Antarctic sea ice aligned with the Year Of Polar Prediction Special Observing Period (austral summer 2018-2019).  A post-season analysis of these forecasts can be read in the document ' Assessment of summer 2018- 2019 sea-ice forecast for the Southern Ocean '. In this collection, 160 forecasts from 13 submissions were conducted with providing the same parameters in order of descending priority (Table 1). As the earlier result of the project, an initial outlook at the austral summer 2018- 2019 sea-ice forecasts in the Southern Ocean has been published at the end of 2018.

Two experts from CLIVAR community, Francois Masssonnet of the CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Panel and Johy Fyfe of the former CLIVAR/CliC Northern Panel co-chair initiate and lead the assessment. The other SIPN South Leadership are P. Reid, J. Lieser, C. M. Bitz, and W. Hobbs.

The Sea Ice Prediction Network South (SIPN South) is an international project endorsed by the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP). Its goal is to make an initial assessment of the ability of current systems to predict Antarctic sea ice globally and regionally, with a focus on the summer season. The project has three strategic objectives: 1. Provide a focal point for seasonal outlooks of Antarctic sea ice (winter and summer), where the results are exchanged, compared, discussed and put in perspective with those from the Arctic thanks to interactions within the (Arctic) SIPN, 2. Provide news and information on the state of Antarctic sea ice, highlight recent published research, report ongoing observational campaigns and disseminate upcoming events (conferences, workshops, webinars, et cetera), 3. Coordinate a realistic prediction exercise targeting austral summer 2019, in conjunction with the Year Of Polar Prediction (YOPP)’s Special Observing Period that will take place in November-February 2018-2019.