The CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel (IORP) Telecon in June

The CLIVAR/IOC-GOOS Indian Ocean Region Panel (IORP) had its quarterly telecon on 18 June 2020. During the telecon, the updates on the IndOOS-2 implementations, the key messages from 10th IndOOS Resource Forum (IRF) Meeting, as well as the highlighted information on WCRP’s new structure and implementation strategy were discussed. The major updates from the telecon are:

  1. Several advocacy activities have been organised in the last quarter, including the BAMS article, the EGU 2020 session, the US CLIVAR Webinar and IndOOS-2 webpage at CLIVAR website. IORP members are encouraged to identify more opportunities to advertise IndOOS-2;
  2. IORP and IRF will work together for tracking the IndOOS-2 recommendations, and a task team has been initiated by IORP;
  3. France, Canada, Australia, India and US are active in BGC-Argo and deep-Argo deployment in the Indian Ocean. Several capacity building activities are being planned for the island states in the Western Indian Ocean;
  4. IRF will also act as an ‘IndOOS Coordination Forum’ by maximizing the existing resources, increasing the cooperation between IORP, IRF, IOGOOS and IIOE-2, as well as enhancing the coastal observations under the COVID-19 situation. Potential IRF candidates from China will be explored;
  5. IORP will keep abreast of the WCRP re-structuring process.