CLIVAR TBI RF held its second teleconference

The CLIVAR Tropical Basin Interaction Research Focus held its second teleconference on 2nd June 2020, 23h00-24h00 GMT, chaired by Ingo Richter and Noel Keenlyside, and with the participation of Fred Kucharski, Fan Jia, Chunzai Wang, Yuko Okumura, Belen Rodriguez-Fonseca, Hiroki Tokinaga, Xichen Li, and Jose Santos from the ICPO.


Main points of the teleconference discussed were:

  • Opening: Ingo opened the session and welcomed all members.
  • Jose, gave a brief overview of the JSC 41 meeting held online, and summarize the implementation plan for WCRP that will be taken into effect during the remainder of this year.
  • Fred gave a presentation in which He showed some of his current research interests and that are relevant to TBI
  • The group discussed about how to proceed with the proposed Workshop to discuss on the GCM experiments that the group would encourage and other follow up activities, the consensus is that it should be held at the end of this year virtually.
  • The group will continue with its plan to hold a telecon about once a month, the next one schedule for sometime in July (To be determine by a doodle pool)