CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group held its 25th session in San Diego, US

The 25th Session of the CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group was hosted by US CLIVAR from Feb. 15 to Feb. 16, 2020 in San Diego.

This session brought together the CLIVAR leadership, i.e. SSG members and co-chairs of CLIVAR panels and Research Foci (RF), and was also attended by invited representatives from sponsors, partnership projects and organizations around the globe, including US CLIVAR, WCRP, IOC, CliC, GEWEX and CORDEX.


The first day of the meeting was attended by the SSG members, WCRP representatives, Program Managers, and sponsors. Activities and plans from all CLIVAR panels and RFs were reported by panel/RF co-chairs or representative members and commented by the SSG. On the second day, activities of partnership projects were reported by the representatives. SSG members together with WCRP representatives discussed with IOC opportunities of further cooperation during the UN Decade for Ocean Sciences. CLIVAR members also discussed how to move forward within the new WCRP Science and Implementation plan, the WCRP High-level Science Questions Workshop and regional activities were discussed by all the participants during the two days.

Comments and suggestions to panel/RF business were given by SSG and will be sorted out and distributed to each panel/RF soon after the session by the ICPO, which covers the aspects of suggestions on future work and interaction with other groups or projects, decisions and comments on membership renewal proposals, and budget request for the panel/RF events during 2020.

The report of this meeting is now available online.