CLIVAR Exchanges Special Issue: WCRP-CLIVAR Workshop on Climate Interactions among the Tropical Basins

The 80th edition of CLIVAR Exchanges, reflecting the outcomes of the WCRP-CLIVAR Workshop on Climate Interactions among the Tropical Basins, has been published. Dr Ingo Richter, senior researcher at Japanese Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) and co-chair of the CLIVAR Tropical Basin Research Focus (TBI RF), is the guest editor of this special issue.

Interactions among the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean basins are increasingly recognized as a key factor in understanding climate variability on interannual to decadal timescales. While it has long been known that El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) has far-reaching influences across the globe, it was commonly understood that these influences mostly operated in one direction, from the Pacific to other ocean basins and surrounding continents. More recent results, however, indicate that both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans may in turn influence the tropical Pacific in profound ways and that they contain internal patterns of variability that are partly independent of ENSO.

In order to energize the community, consolidate knowledge and chart the way forward, the CLIVAR TBI RF organized a workshop online on February 24-26, 2021. The present special issue of CLIVAR Exchanges summarizes the outcomes of the workshop, describes the logistic challenges and lessons learned, and highlights eleven research contributions that were presented at the workshop.

Download the magazine here.