CLIVAR Climate Dynamic Panel met in November

The CLIVAR Climate Dynamic Panel held a telecon on November 17. All of the CDP members participanted in this online meeting, discussing the annual report, the membership renewal, and the panel plan for next year.

The members reviewed the panel actives and activities relevant to the CLIVAR and WCRP strategy plan in 2021.

All the self-nominees from the open call of CLIVAR panel members were reviewed. CDP was happy with several of the nominees who satisfied both the expertise demand and the balance of geography and gender. The co-chairs will have further discussions before submiting the proposal to the CLIVAR SSG.

As one of the most important outcomes of the online CDP-5, the series CDP workshop was the main focus during this meeting. CDP planned to organize its first climate dynamics seminar next year, which will be online or a webinar.

The workshop will invite keynote speakers and members of the organization committee outside CDP to promote knowledge exchange. The theme, goal and outcome of the workshop were vigorously discussed. The detailed organization will continue to be discussed in the future.