CLIVAR CDP telecon took place in April

The CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel (CDP) held its first telecon in 2022 on 13th April, right after the CLIVAR SSG-27. Most of the CDP members joined this meeting.

With the joining of two new members, this meeting began with the introduction of CDP by Sarah Kang, one of the co-chairs of the panel. She presented the ambition and current scientific priorities of CDP, the activities in 2021 and the future plans. After that, each member introduced themselves, mainly about their research fields.

One important agenda item of the meeting is to discuss the planning of the CDP annual workshop. At last year's panel meeting, CDP decided to organize a series of annual workshops, with one topic each year. This September, CDP will organize its first annual workshop: External versus Internal Variability on Decadal and Longer Time Scales. The workshop will target our understanding of internal and externally forced variability in the climate system, their interaction on decadal timescales and longer, and the effects of variability on extreme events. Please see the event page for detailed information. We welcome the broad community to submit abstracts to this workshop.

In addition, the panel decided to organize another panel meeting by the end of May, to communicate each other’s current research and discuss the theme for next year’s workshop.