CLIVAR CDP 2022 annual workshop successfully concluded

The first CLIVAR Climate Dynamics Panel (CDP) annual workshop successfully wrapped up on 19th October 2022. The workshop, with the theme External versus internal variability on decadal and longer time scales, was firstly using a series-webinar format, which last for 6 weeks with a 2-hour session per week from September 14th to October 21st.

The workshop targets our understanding of internal and externally forced variability in the climate system, their interaction on decadal timescales and longer, and the effects of variability on extreme events, aiming to seek solutions of the following four issues:

• How to isolate the relative contributions of external and internal variability to observed decadal and longer variability?

• How do the various external forcings modulate internal variability 

• Progress in narrowing observational and modeling uncertainties in external and internal variability

• Effects of external and internal variability on extreme events

It attracted about 270 registrants from research fields on models (including SMILEs), theory, historical and proxy observations, novel methods (e.g., ensemble paleoclimate reanalysis). During the first four sessions, 13 speakers overviewed the current research status on the above relevant issues. An online poster session was then followed to have a broader view of the whole topic. During the last week, a summary from the previous sessions was reported by the scientific committee, and followed by a heated debate around the four issues which involved all the participants. All the recordings of the talks can be downloaded from the meeting webpage.

Capacity building is emphasized by CLIVAR always. The scientific committee encourage the Early Career Scientists (ECS) to showcase their studies during the workshop, so a lightning talk session and Early Career Scientist Best Poster Award was specially set for the ECS during the poster session. Judging from both the scientific merit and presenting skills, the awards were given to the following presenting authors (in alphabetical order).

Benjamin H. Tiger from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chengfei He from the University of Miami, Stephen Po-Chedley from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Zachary Labe from the Colorado State University.