CLIVAR Approves New Research Foci

The development of the 1997 event appears influenced by the conditions in the Atlantic during boreal summer. The representation of this interaction and that with the Indian Ocean is thought important for predictability in the tropics. Data HadISST.

After an open call to receive proposals for new Research Foci, CLIVAR received five outstanding proposals covering a wide range of topics all relevant to WCRP science in general and CLIVAR in particular; after a careful review process the CLIVAR SSG has chosen to support the proposal entitled: Tropical Basin Interaction (TBI)

The main goal of TBI is to elucidate the complex two-way interaction between the tropical basins and to quantify the benefit to climate prediction. TBI will initiate and facilitate research activities with a focus on seasonal to multi-annual variability and predictability, thus complementing the CLIVAR DCVP RF.

The TBI group is chaired by Ingo Richter (JAMSTEC) and Noel Keenlyside (University of Bergen, Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research), and brings together scientists with different competences, at various stages of their careers, and from diverse backgrounds. The areas of expertise include basin interaction (Ping Chang, Fan Jia, Fred Kucharski, Xichen Li, Yuko Okumura, Regina Rodrigues, Malte Stuecker, Andrea Taschetto), observational analysis (Michael McPhaden, Hiroki Tokinaga), proxy data (Steffen Hetzinger, Miriam Pfeiffer, Y. Okumura), seasonal to decadal climate prediction (Susan Bates, P. Chang, N. Keenlyside, I. Richter),  climate change (Roxy Koll, H. Tokinaga), and climate model biases (P. Chang, N. Keenlyside, I. Richter).

The members of the RF are currently preparing the full proposal and it is expected that they will start their activities early next year.