The 4th Organising Committee Telecon for the CLIVAR-GOOS Workshop

The 4th Organising Committee telecon for CLIVAR-GOOS workshop was organized on September 23, 2021, with the participation of Weidong Yu (Co-chair, OOPC), Edem Mahu (Co-chair, invited), Lisa Beal (OOPC), Riccardo Farneti (ICTP&SORP), Maria Paz Chidichimo (ARP), Ivonne Montes (PRP), Hindumathi Palanisamy (GSOP & WCRP Secretariat), and Jose Santos, Jing Li and Liping Yin from ICPO. The major outcomes of the telecon are:

1. ICTP resumed in-person training currently, and it is promising to have in-person/hybrid workshops in 2022 at ICTP;

2. Dr. Edem Mahu from Ghana was elected as a new co-chair of the organizing committee, and will co-lead the group with Dr. Weidong Yu;

3. A new nomination for the organizing committee was received from CLIVAR Ocean Model Development Panel. Invitation will be sent by ICPO;

4. After reviewing the proposal, the organsing committee found that the original design of the workshop is still relevant. Several suggestions received from the participants during the telecon:

  • The focus of this workshop is to connect ocean observation from global to region and to promote multi-disciplinary ocean observations through building partnerships and to identify synergies.
  • It was suggested that the workshop to be connected with other partner programme, e.g., WCRP and its Lighthouse Activities (LHA), GOOS-OCG, Commonwealth, fishing industries, and etc., and bring in people with different perspectives.
  • New technologies, which are less expensive and easily to be implemented by developing countries, could be promoted by the workshop. However, issues for using new technologies, e.g., data quality and validation, instrument calibration and etc., need to be considered, as we need a reliable long-time series data.
  • Data access and data sharing are also important issues to be addressed by this workshop. Even the FAIR (Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability) policy cannot be achieved, a lot of communications are needed to achieve an agreed data policy in a region. Meanwhile, we need to demonstrate the value of the data, i.e., the value chain of the data from in situ observation to end uses.
  • The outcomes of the workshop should be to identify a list of ACTIONS. The actions can be further linked to UN Ocean Decade and WCRP LHAs, etc. for implementation.
  • Capacity building, infrastructure sharing and access to funding opportunities are also to be pursuit by the workshop.

5. The co-chairs of the organizing committee will revise the workshop design by including the comments received during the telecon before the next meeting.