The 2nd Session of the CLIVAR/CliC Northern Oceans Region Panel took place online

Under the background of the pandemic, some of the traditional CLIVAR in-person panel meetings have been moved to online format. The 2nd Session of the CLIVAR/CliC Northern Oceans Region Panel (NORP-2) was successfully held online on 15th Sep and 22nd Sep.

To accommodate different time zones, NORP-2 was divided into two parts with 1.5-h per part. All the NORP members participated in this meeting.

The recruiting of Early Career Scientist (ECS) was especially discussed during the meeting. With most of the members rotating off by the end of next year, NORP will invite some ECS to join in the NORP activities and further, to nominate them as the NORP members if possible. NORP also hoped to improve the diversity of the membership in the future.

Another emphasis of NORP-2 was the link with the WCRP Lighthouse activities. NORP hopes to contribute to the Digital Earth in the future in the field of the Intelligent Learning Algorithms (ILA), the archiving of Arctic data and modeling of Arctic climate.  

In 2022, one of NORP’s focus is to organize a CMIP6 bootcamp in the summer time. The potential venue, funding resources and logistics were detailed discussed.

The other main uptakes of the panel meeting are as follows:

  • NORP plans to initiate two review papers about the Arctic processes.
  • Continue the discussion of Joint NORP-SORP Workshop on Freshwater Storage and Transport.
  • Future action about the follow-up conversation with Sandy Starkweather, the Executive Director for the US Arctic Observing Network.
  • Possibility of organizing an Ocean Hackweek.
  • To restart the monthly teleon since October.