Important Meeting details for CLIVAR WCRP-CLIVAR Workshop on Climate Interactions Among the Tropical Basins

Plenary Webex Link:  

We will use Webex to host this event. You should have received a URL link to access the workshop (plenary and end of the day breakout sessions).

For those participating in the closed session on February 26, further instructions will be sent in a separate email.

Upon entry to the meeting, note that you will be automatically muted due to the size of the audience. Please keep yourself on mute during the plenary and Q&A sessions unless further instructed. We will take presentation Q&As in the chat box. Any technical issues should be directed in an email to Jennie Zhu (

We highly recommend that you use earbuds or headphones to eliminate feedback.



Please visit the TBI agenda page for the latest version.


Virtual poster gallery: Please visit the online poster gallery to access the poster sessions 1-4.  The poster sessions are available for viewing 24 hours per day.  You will be able to view the posters, participate in a live video chat, or view the pre recorded video of their presentation.  You will need to leave the webex meeting and join in order to view the poster session.  If you have questions regarding the poster session, send email to Tammy Kepple:


Breakout sessions:  

Please go to the main plenary webex link above on day 1 and day 2.  To help you prepare for the breakout sessions, attached is a list of questions that will be covered in each group. We will manually place you into the breakout session you have signed up for. For those of you who did not sign up for a breakout session, please email Tammy Kepple (

Breakout sessions for Wednesday, February 24th:  23:00-24:00 UTC

WG1: Subseasonal-to-interannual time scales

WG2: Past Climates

WG3: Decadal time scales

WG4: Climate change

Breakout sessions for Thursday, February 25th:  23:00-24:00 UTC

WG1: Statistical methods (including machine learning)

WG2: GCM experiments

WG3: Conceptual models and theory

WG4: Paleo proxies



If you've not yet accepted your invitation to join Slack please "Join here" to participate in the "WCRP-CLIVAR Workshop on Climate Interactions among the Tropical Basins" workspace. Slack is an easy and informal messaging tool which allows increased opportunities for engagement, ongoing conversation, and collaboration outside of the TBI meeting dates

We encourage you to reach out and begin discussion within the various channels developed specifically in relation to the workshop. Those participating on February 26 in the invited working groups will have a private channel to discuss relevant information. While you are free to post at any time, the Slack channel will not be actively moderated during the timeframe that the workshop sessions are taking place February 24-26.


Emergency Contact Emails:

If you are experiencing Webex technical issues during the workshop, please send an email to Jennie Zhu ( For all other questions, please contact Tammy Kepple (

Qian Zhao