OMDP mini workshop on forcing ocean and sea-ice models


G. Danabasoglu (NCAR, USA), W. Large (NCAR, USA), S. Griffies (GFDL, USA), P. Durack (LLNL, USA), J. Le Sommer (LEGI, France), B. Barnier (LEGI, France), A. M. Treguier (IFREMER, France), G. Madec (LOCEAN, France; NOC, UK), C. Boening (GEOMAR), A. Biastoch (GEOMAR, Germany), A. Andersson (DWD, Gemany), S. Gulev (MSK, Russia), K. Haines (U. Reading, UK), M. Valdiviseo (U. Reading, UK), M. Balmaseda (ECMWF), G. Nurser (NOC, UK), S. Josey (NOC, UK), H. Tsujino (MRI JMA, Japan), A. Pirani (CLIVAR)


Recommendations for physical ocean fields for CMIP6

The document Sampling the Physical Ocean in CMIP6 Simulations, written by Griffies, Adcroft, Balaji, Danabasoglu, Durack, Gleckler, Gregory, Krasting, McDougall, Stouffer, and Taylor presents recommendations for sampling physical ocean fields for the World Climate Research Program (WCRP) Coupled Model Intercomparison Project #6 (CMIP6), including its suite of satellite MIPs such as the Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (OMIP). Diagnostics are motivated by presenting salient scientific reasons for their rel

International Prize for Model Development

At the initiative of the WCRP Modeling Advisory Council, the WCRP and WWRP have established an International Prize for Model Development, awarded annually for an outstanding contribution to weather and climate model development by an early- to mid-career researcher.

More details on eligibility, required nomination material and selection process can be found at