Ninth Session of the CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Panel

Monday, July 14, 2014 to Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Event City: 
The Hague
The Netherlands
Event Contact: 
Nico Caltabiano
Event Description: 

Ninth CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Panel meeting

July 14-15, 2014

 The Hague, Netherlands


Agenda and Presentations


Day 1 – Monday 14th July 2014

8:30hr – Welcome, Introduction, and charge to meetings.

9:00hr – SOOS update (Naveira-Garabato)

9:30hr – SCAR update (Sparrow slides, presented by Talley)

CLIVAR Achievements report (SOP discussion)

9:40hr – Achievements: content discussion (Talley) Outline for discussion

10:00hr – Achievements: modelling (England)

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr – Achievements: observing systems (Chereskin) 

11:30hr – Achievements: process experiments (Naveira-Garabato) 

12:00hr – Achievements: identifying gaps (England)

12:30hr – Lunch

Talks by new members, with emphasis on their prospective for SOP research during the next 5 years (Russell on Day 2):

13.30hr - Katsuro Katsumata

14.00hr - Jiuxin Shi

14.30hr – Overview of planning materials: national plans (England, Talley)

15.00hr – Coffee Break (End of day)


Day 2 – Tuesday 15th July 2014

8:30hr – CliC overview (Gerhard Krinner)

Towards a science and implementation strategy

9:00hr – Frontier research: fundamental science, new opportunities, factors limiting progress. SCAR workshop information and science questions. (England; SOP discussion) 

10:30hr – Coffee Break

11:00hr –  SOOS under-ice workshop (Rintoul slides, presented by Naveira-Garabato)

11.30hr –  Future implementation activities: observations and process experiments

12.00hr –  Organization (including CLiC, SCAR) and outreach

12:30hr – Lunch

Joint SOP- OMDP meeting

13:30hr – CORE and the ongoing comparison projects (Danabasoglu)

14:00hr – Ice shelf - basal melting (water hosing) (Timmermann)

14:30hr - Wind perturbation protocol / experiments (England)

15.00hr – Coffee Break

Towards science and implementation strategy, including OMDP

15:30hr – Southern Ocean metrics (Russell)

16.00hr – Model metrics/observational comparisons (AABW, water masses) (Talley)

16:15hr -  Model validations (CDrake) (Chereskin)

16:00hr – Future implementation activities: modelling and intercomparisons

16:30hr – Future implementation activities: coordinated analysis/synthesis (Russell and Marsland)

17.00hr – Strategic and implementation plan wrapup: tasks and deadlines; Revisit terms of reference, plan for pan-CLIVAR meeting (co-chairs)

17.30hr – End of day