Event City Country Event Dates External Event URL
1st WCRP Summer School on Climate Model Development Hamburg Germany
2015-06-15 to 2015-06-26
Workshop on Energy transfers in Atmosphere and Ocean Hamburg Germany
2015-04-20 to 2015-04-22
SPECS/MiKlip Meeting on Decadal Prediction Offenbach Germany
2015-02-24 to 2015-02-25
OMDP mini workshop on forcing ocean and sea-ice models Grenoble France
2015-01-29 to 2015-01-30
1st OMDP meeting The Hague The Netherlands
2014-07-14 to 2014-07-15
12th WGOMD Meeting Kiel Germany
2014-04-10 to 2014-04-11
WGOMD Workshop on High Resolution Ocean Climate Modeling Kiel Germany
2014-04-07 to 2014-04-09
4th WGNE workshop on systematic errors in weather and climate models Exeter UK
2013-04-15 to 2013-04-19
11th Session of WGOMD Hobart Australia
2013-02-21 to 2013-02-23
WGOMD/SOP Workshop on Sea Level Rise, Ocean/Ice Shelf Interactions and Ice Sheets Hobart Australia
2013-02-18 to 2013-02-20
10th Session of the Working Group on Ocean Model Development Venice Italy
2012-01-11 to 2012-01-13
9th Session of the Working Group on Ocean Model Development Boulder USA
2010-09-24 to 2010-09-25
WGOMD-GSOP Workshop on Decadal Variability, Predictability, and Prediction: Understanding the Role of the Ocean Boulder USA
2010-09-20 to 2010-09-23
Ocean Climate Model Development Meeting Princeton USA
2009-10-28 to 2009-10-30
8th Session of the Working Group on Ocean Model Development Exeter UK
2009-04-30 to 2009-05-01
WGOMD Workshop on Ocean Mesoscale Eddies Exeter UK
2009-04-27 to 2009-04-29
7th WGOMD Meeting Bergen Norway
2007-08-25 to 2007-08-26
WGOMD Workshop on Numerical Methods in Ocean Models Bergen Norway
2007-08-23 to 2007-08-24
6th WGOMD Meeting Hobart Australia
2005-11-08 to 2005-11-11
1st International CLIVAR Science Conference Baltimore USA
2004-06-21 to 2004-06-25